Thank You for Signing Up with Conxxus!

When our 100% fiber optic network was built in your neighborhood, it only reached the edge of your property. Now that you have made signed up for Conxxus service, we will need to run fiber optic cable up to your home in order to complete the home installation process.


You can find more information about our fiber installation process here


Below are some frequently asked questions about the process and what to expect when fiber optic cable is run to your home from the right of way where our fiber network is located.


Q: How is the fiber optic drop cable buried?
A: The cable is buried using a T-handle spade or a vibratory plow. Both methods place the cable 6-8 inches below the surface and are very low impact on lawns and landscaping.


Q: Will the cable burial damage my lawn?
A: No. The techniques we use are minimally invasive, and out contractors are held to the highest quality standards in the industry. There is sometimes a visible trace of where the cable is buried, but that will heal and fade (how quickly depends on the weather).

If the installation and restoration are not meeting your expectation of quality, we want to know. Please call us at 217.728.0003 or visit


Q: If I’m doing a project in my yard, how do I know where my fiber optic cable drop is buried
A: If you think your cable might be in conflict with a project you are planning (landscaping, home addition, etc…) be sure to call JULIE (#811) before you dig. Our technicians will mark the fiber optic cable so you can plan your project accordingly.


We will have a customer service representative reach out to discuss and plan the next steps in getting fiber optic cable run to your home for installation, if you have questions please call 888.712.0177  for more information on the process click here