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Bundle TV with Internet

Get up to 150 local and cable channels with YourTV Green on your TV and mobile device.

*Customers must have Conxxus internet to receive YourTV Green video service from Conxxus. Customers must use a “smart TV” or lease a “Pontis” set-top box. A monthly service charge is included in all package pricing.


What's Included in our TV Packages?

With your choice of TV package, you receive 3 streams and 50 hours of DVR space.

Additional streams, DVR hours, and more can be purchased for an additional monthly fee.

Choose Your Set-Top Box and Streaming Package

In order to purchase video services, you will need a set-top box, which is a required monthly fee.

To get additional set-top boxes they are $5 per month each.  Multi-service discount applies to video hardware.

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