Add Our Newly Upgraded Video Services to Your Plan!

We have upgraded our video services to offer more channels as well as adding more HD content!



*Customers must have Conxxus internet to qualify for video services.

*Customers purchase at least one set-top box for video services.

*Our new YourTV Green video service will have a monthly streaming service charge to all packages that will be included in the package pricing.

What's Included in our TV Packages?

With your choice of TV package, you receive 3 streams and 50 hours of DVR space.

Additional streams, DVR hours, and more can be purchased for an additional monthly fee.


Choose Your Set-Top Box and Streaming Package


In order to purchase video services, you will need a set-top box, which is a required monthly fee.

To get additional set-top boxes they are $5 per month each.  Multi-service discount applies to video hardware.

Set Top Box: 4K Pontis Box

Add Premium Movie Channels!

Add these premium movie channels to your video content package for an additional monthly fee.

Check Out Our Features and Video Equipment!

Try out our new add on features to enhance your viewing experience with our new video product, YourTV Green.



  • Additional PONTIS SmartBox

  • 3 Additional Streams

  • 50 Additional DVR Hours

  • Sports Highlights

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